Quality of Azm Zaman Soap


Beauty & Care from Mother Nature

Azm Zaman’s Cold Process Natural Soap


Moved by the power of nature, made from natural olive oil, the basic ingredients of Azm Zaman soap are glycerin and water. It is the type of soap our Grandma made in the old traditional ways using the “cold process” which reacts to give the final soap.

The soap-making process is completed between three to five weeks. The natural glycerin (20%) in the Azm Zaman handmade soap is what distinguishes the soap from the hot process soap making.  

Natural glycerin is a humectant; it means it draws moisture from the air to your skin. Combined with fresh ingredients and botanic oils, the natural glycerin creates the significant Azm Zaman soap’s worth, bringing not only an aromatic relaxing effect to calm the senses but a curing effect for most skin types.

The oils and the natural ingredients used in handmade Azm Zaman cold process soap making are carefully chosen for the benefits of each type of soap. Coconut oil creates lots of natural glycerin. Olive oil has natural antioxidants. Palm oil has incredibly high level of vitamins A and vitamin E.

Open your mind to a different natural body and face treats from Azm Zaman handmade cold process soap.


100% natural handmade

Olive oil soap